Woodburn High School Prom

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When I was in high school I was the looser hanging out under the bleachers smoking, with all my other looser friends. I was at school because I was supposed to get a diploma, that’s all. I was quiet and withdrawn. It’s no surprise I never went to prom nor had any interest in it. Actually, the night of my prom, I volunteered to work so another girl could go to hers.

The man in high school was a nerd, quiet and not popular. Him and his friends had their band, that was all they needed. He went to a private school where there we no dances, thus no prom for him either.

Fast forward many, many years later. Here we are, together, at our first prom. I got an email 4 days before from the Woodburn High school principal saying the photographer has canceled and they are in a pickle. Cue, Superman music……..We got to save the day and take their pictures.

Woodburn Oregon High School Prom

Line Dancing to a School Favorite

Although the old man wanted to stick some cotton in his ears, we had a fun time. One of the principals even commented how this was a record number of kids wanting to get their photo taken. I like to have fun! I have come to learn life is too short for boring! I let them do traditional posing, fun friend posing, and even groups.

Woodburn Oregon High School Prom

Can I just tell you how easy it is to pose high school girls? They’ve got it all figured out. In between I got some fun dance floor pictures and even of all the kids voting for king and queen. The king and queen where not only a good looking couple, but also funny and sweet.

Woodburn Oregon High School Prom



Almost makes me want to be a teenager again with a do over……almost.

Woodburn High prom attendees, thanks for the good time!






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