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  • The Desire Map Review

  • Are you one who holds a dream deep in your soul? Do you daydream about this life then dismiss it as impossible? I used to. I could taste it, I could feel it. I would secretly daydream about this life. I was so attached to it that I wouldn't even verbalize it to anyone worried they would confirm my w[...]
  • No Resolutions! Just One Word....

  • We are 2 weeks into the new year. Have you already given up on your resolutions? Don't feel bad! You would be a weird one if you kept them (just kidding). Years ago I decided to end the disappointment of New Year resolutions. You set this expectation of loosing weight and 2 months later you have to [...]
  • What Do You Fantasize About?

  • Do you fantasize about a different life? I was reading about the morning habits of successful people. We all want to be successful, right? Every morning Steve Jobs asked himself , "If today was my last, what would I do?" I know quitting your job and travelling the world probably isn't realistic (unl[...]