Our Dress Form Christmas Tree

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Do you have those moments where you feel you may be having a mid-life crisis? Wanting to change it all up? This year our Christmas is different, the man is officially laid off and I’ve had some personal matters that caused me to not want to crawl in the attic and get our decorations out. I felt change and something fun was in order.

Enter stage left……Pinterest……

steps to make dress form treeI decided to do a dress form tree for this year. As with many of my creative projects, it turned out nothing like what I had in my head. That’s o.k. though, I adore it! I keep looking at it in disbelief that I made that. I consider this a Pinterest win.

I started by using two of my wraps for the top. I make these wraps for clients to use to add to their wardrobe for a shoot. I love the variety one longpiece of fabric can do. Anyways, back to my tree. I then put a garbage bag over it to protect from wire and possible sap. Then the man helped to cut a piece of wire fencing and wrap it around the lady.

After her undergarments were in place, I started weaving in the boughs. We were going to cut some from a very nice Our Dress Form Christmas Treelady’s tree, but have you seen the weather around here lately? We didn’t want to float away so we ended up buying a mixed garland that I unstrung. Some of the boughs were anchored using green crafting wire. With the thicker pieces, weaving them created a lot of weird volume that didn’t look so good. This part was by far the longest part. As much as I love creating, part of me is a perfectionist. I wanted the shape to be even and like I had in my head. That probably took some extra time. The end result make me giggle with glee.

After she was covered, I took more of the crafting wire and secured the balls. I then wound, as my husband called them, dingleberries, around different branches. Then she got a ribbon and I pinned the bird’s nest as a broach.

From beginning to end it took me 4 episodes of Man in the High Castle. Have you seen that show??

Have you ever had a Pinterest win that knocked your socks off with pride? Brag to us in the comments!

I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.

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