How Do You Like Yourself More?

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I have been invited to be included in an amazing online event the end of this month! To build up to it, we are talking about a subject near and dear to me. Today we are talkin’ self-confidence. No, not self-esteem, but confidence. The ability to hold your head high, not just to think you are good enough. I grew up with that little whisper that I wasn’t good enough. Everwhere I turned, I was being led to believe I wasn’t doing something right, or well enough. This message burrowed deep into my soul where it has lived and haunted me for many years.

As you may or may not know, I was accepted into a nursing program, but turned it down to follow this dream of photography. One of the biggest lessons those few years of school has taught me, was to value myself. It has been a tremendous gift! All too often we compare ourselves. All we see is the amazingness of that person, while we fail to think about their struggles. We try to hide these struggles so as to put on a perfectly made up face. Giiirl, none of us is perfect!

You may not be the prettiest girl in the room, but your personality is infectious and you draw people to you. You may be the prettiest girl in the room, but are a you know what. People will be nice to your face, but turn around and curse you under their breath. Who would YOU rather be? A few suggestions to get you to like yourself again (cuz you are worth it!!):

  1. Stand in front of a mirror (look yourself in the eyes), and say out loud 5 things you like about yourself physically
  2. Make a list of 5 things you are good at. Be cocky!
  3. Pick a word or phrase to meditate on (I often use “I am worth it”). For 7 consecutive days, spend 5 minutes of deep breathing and quiet while repeating that word or phrase.
  4. Think about the people in your life who negatively affect you. List 3 ways you can limit contact (not dumping all together). Take action on at least one.
  5. If you have children, hug them and be thankful for creating these humans


I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.


  1. by Mary Anne on September 10, 2014  8:44 pm Reply

    Great post and good advice!

  2. by michelle on September 10, 2014  8:53 pm Reply

    great post, something we should all think about!

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