365 Theme: Storytelling

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We all yearn for those responsibility free days of childhood, especially these long summer days. I am certainly no acception! I mean, really, who likes to fork over their money to pay a mortgage? Perhaps this is why I adore taking pictures of children. Their awe and wonder at the small things inspires me to see the world in a fresh way. With a husband, four kids, and a mortgage I can’t be responsibility free, but I sure can still enjoy being a kid. I scoured through the legos and found some people and props. These are my new subjects. They don’t run away, they do what I tell them too, and honestly, they are just fun.

This month’s theme in my 365 group is storytelling. The amazing people at Clickin Moms sponsor our little group.  Without this group I know I would have stopped a few times. If you are at all interested in photography, Clickin Moms is the place to start! I have never experienced a more supportive group of thousands in my same shoes.




I am a wife and mother, creator, dreamer, and memory maker.

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