Monthly archives:March 2015

  • My Current Charity Photography Project

  • Often times I don't think we give ourselves enough credit. Sure you may not be spectacular like so and so. Are you proud of what you HAVE done? The world of photography is very competitive and as a new business I may not be busy with clients all the time (yup, I said it.) It is not a get rich scheme[...]
  • What Ducks Taught Me About Photography

  • I love watching nature and the interaction! When we get frazzled, we can step back and let nature teach us. What these 2 ducks taught me: 1. Always have a buddy. Life can get lonely when we are caught up in our own little world. 2. There is enough for everyone, so share. The world can be co[...]
  • The Hidden Secret of Photoshop

  • If you have spent anytime in this massive program, you know how overwhelming it can be. I think this may be why purchasing actions is so popular. Let someone else figure it out, then pay for their knowledge. My science background makes me want to do it myself. I have to prove it works before I can c[...]